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Top Tip Number 1

March 12, 2013

As the sun sets on the first day of the new year, I offer number 1 of 30 top tips to help you be calm and feel alive in 2013. Spent a lovely afternoon at Ayr Beach today and I heartily recommend it to you.

For many of us we are surrounded by grey concrete and traffic fumes day-to-day. Switching off from this dry fogginess by visiting a different environment is one of the best ways to feel centred and grounded. Spending time in the fresh air, in the countryside, woods and forests, or near water especially the sea, does a body and mind good! Take in your surroundings, through your eyes, ears, skin, nose and mouth. See and feel the natural beauty around you. Notice the detail and the colours, look to horizons and gaps in trees and clouds. A great way to feel mentally and emotionally inspired!

Spending time in these environments helps to maintain physical health too through surrounding yourself with the negative ions naturally occurring in clean, fresh air. Negative ions are produced by water and foliage. These ions are thought to bind with pollutants in the air, making them heavy and pulling them to the ground. Indoor air is low in negative ions, which can result in feeling spaced out, lethargic and headachy. Seaside towns and mountain retreats have long been associated with good health and recovery in part because of this natural process. Spend some time as often as you can, by the coast, the beach, in parks and countryside, and you will feel the cobwebs being blown away!

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