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Top Tip Number 2

March 12, 2013

2nd of January 2013, and the 2nd of 30 top tips to help you be calm and feel alive. We talk a lot about living in the moment, being present in the now, and I echo that for experiencing the most from our activities and being. However, motivation to keep going is important too. Having something to look forward to helps propel us forward and stops us becoming stuck in the day-to-day grind.

So top tip no. 2 is to always have something ahead of you to look forward to. These don’t need to be big or costly, they can be small and cost nothing or very little. The first day of spring, a friend’s birthday, start of the new series of your favourite TV show, a day trip to the beach… looking ahead to all of these gives you hope, provide a source of excitement and anticipation, a sense of purpose. A concert ticket, summer solstice, a visit from an old friend, the day after a big deadline at work… landmark dates help you plan ahead, find reason to structure your day, perhaps save some money or prepare for the event.

Make sure it is easy for you to remember these special dates. Mark them with big green stars on your wall calendar. Pin your concert ticket or friend’s photo on your wall where you can easily see them. Flick through the year ahead in your diary every so often so your year is punctuated by good things.

A trip to the beach, shopping for shoes, sporting final, quiz night… give them a date if they don’t already have one and PUT THEM IN YOUR DIARY! Can’t think of anything to look forward to? I have given you 12 suggestions here, that’s one a month for 2013! Most of them are practical and cost very little… but can bring great joy and pleasure, especially when they are still to come.

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