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Top Tip number 3

March 12, 2013

How are you today? Here is top tip number 3!
Humans need to learn. Some say it is why we are here. Certainly, if we stopped learning and growing we could not have survived as a species. As individuals also we spend much of our time as babies, toddlers, children and young adults in splendid curiosity. Enjoyment in discovery often gives way to other day-to-day priorities in our adult years. Yet we never lose the ability to learn, nor the satisfaction that comes from realising something new.

Neuroscience is realising that our brains continue to grow and make new connections in response to learning. This can help keep us mentally well as we get older too. The passage of time can lead to decay, but learning helps us mature and ripen. A much more attractive potential!!

Try something new every day. Even a small change is stimulating to your minds and requires some level of learning…. and growing. Read books, say hello to someone you don’t know, do a crossword, turn left rather than right, shop in a different store (different aisles and layout), take a class, find a different route home from work, doodle then try and work out what you drew!

Tiny adventures every day, new and fun, simple to do, big impact!!

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