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Top Tip number 6

March 12, 2013

Nearly a week into the new year already! I hope it is going well for you and yours. Top tip 6 came to mind this afternoon as I was walking around a local “country park” loch. It was a mild day with no rain or winds so lots of people were taking it easy, strolling near the water’s edge, stopping to talk with other folks. A true break from the hubbub and rush of daily grind. Perhaps it was because of this that people took the time to laugh. It seemed to me that more people were laughing and smiling and acknowledging each other than usual. Often the park is full of dog-walkers and joggers who seem to be trying to get around the loch by a deadline.

Today was much more relaxed and I felt as if I was part of the group, not just another walker/jogger trying to tick something off their to do list. What was clear was that the smiling and laughter created a positive atmosphere and connections between people. Everyone seemed happier and more comfortable passing other folks, smiling and acknowledging them.

Laughter reduces pain, increases job performance, connects people emotionally, and improves the flow of oxygen to the heart and brain. Laughter is healthy and brings people together. Try to get some every day. Laugh at the ducks waddling along the path. Watch your favourite comedy programme. Recall a funny incident or conversation. Or just fake it – it will soon become genuine….. especially if you look sideways into a mirror and try not to let your reflection see you smile 🙂

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