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Top Tip number 10

March 13, 2013

Top tip 10 helps you set a pattern that has short and longer term benefits. It may not feel helpful the first time! However, one of the best ways to help you get started with making lifestyle and healthy living changes is to get up same time every day. You will find within a few days that you begin to get tired around the same time every night too. This is a great sign that your body and mind are beginning to set a pattern and set you up for good quality sleep on a regular basis.

But here’s the tip! For the first few days, give yourself a pleasant task to complete, a personal reward, that you will do as soon as you wake. It’s a great motivator and really helps you throw off those covers. So when the alarm goes off, stretch out your legs and heels, then stretch out your arms and press play for some soothing and delightful music.
Good morning!!

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