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Top Tip number 13

March 13, 2013

Top tip 13: Ditch the diet soda. Pour a little happiness or a heap of trouble?! Diet fizzy drinks are loaded with ingredients that are not good for us – some are not healthy in that quantity e.g. drinks with lots of caffeine, and some are downright dangerous in any quantity. there are now plenty of studies associating aspartame with unpleasant side effects and increased incidence of disease.

Here’s a tip that can help you transition from dangerous drinks to healthier choices. Swap for good old traditional soda water! It quenches your thirst, gives you the bubbly feeling in the back of your throat, and doesn’t contain a raft of unhealthy ingredients. Once you have broken your habit (yes, it can be really difficult to wean yourself off them), you can cut back on the soda water and replace with alkaline water, juices, herbal teas and so on. But meanwhile, crack open the soda water!

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