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Top Tip number 25

March 15, 2013

We’re on the final stretch towards sharing our top 30 tips to help you be calm and feel alive in 2013! Here’s top tip 25.

We are built to walk. We get up on 2 legs to toddle through curiosity and an insatiable desire to explore and to get to places. It is instinctual yet as we grow up and grow older, we walk less and less. We sit, in cars, in buses, in front of the TV, at work, while we are waiting, during meals. It becomes an effort to walk for any reason let alone for the fun of it, for the adventure.

Top tip 25 is to walk, more than you do just now, and build from there. Set small goals of walking a few minutes per day, or 10 minutes in the local park, or to the shops. Do this by yourself or better yet, walk with a friend or join a group. There are walking groups in your local area (see link below for walks in Scotland) at all levels from beginner aka very easy! to advanced. Give it a try? You will feel better after your first walk and will feel great after just a few days walking each day out in the fresh air. And maybe, you could rediscover your natural curiosity and desire to explore 🙂

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