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Pineapple Power

September 28, 2013

Image: Pineapple by Kyle McDonaldThis is a really interesting article, broadly regarding the importance of enzymes to overall health and for the specific impact of bromelain e.g. from pineapples. There is further information available via the links at the bottom of the article.



A Powerful Inexpensive Anti-Inflammatory Big Pharma Doesn’t Want You to Know About

By Paul Fassa

Vitamins, minerals, and other items get all the publicity, and they are important. But enzymes are even more important. They’re needed to help digest foods. Without enzymes, those vitamins and minerals can’t be metabolized.

And some enzymes are powerful enough to break apart cancer cells, which we all have floating around, before they congregate and form tumors.

Bromelain, not to be confused with the pharmaceutical bromaline, is a proteolytic enzyme or protease found most abundantly in pineapple cores. Protease or proteolytic enzymes are needed to digest complete proteins found in meat.

Cooking meat destroys most of the enzymes needed to break down meat’s tough complete proteins into amino acids that the body can use. This puts a strain on the pancreas to create more proteolytic enzymes for the small

intestines to break down the meat proteins. That strain can potentially lead to pancreatic cancer.

But what’s more likely, the diversion of breaking down meat proteins takes away some other functions protease enzymes perform to keep or get you healthy.

But it’s not just meat eaters who will benefit from bromelain.

Bromelain Helps Treat Many Modern Maladies Including Cancer

Bromelain proteolytic enzyme supplements grant many health benefits beyond digesting whole proteins. Complete proteins are hard to digest. That’s why only proteolytic enzymes work – they’re tough enough to crack those proteins open. And if they’re tough enough for that, they can help in other areas.

Bromelain protease can dissolve internal scar tissue created from inflammation. It also calms the inflamed area and reduces inflammation, preventing tissue from being damaged and taking away hiding places for pathogens to lodge. Damaged or inflamed tissue that is like a breeding shelter that invites disease in for long term visits.

Bromelain speeds up recovery from injuries and surgeries. It has been clinically tested to prove that it enhances surgical recovery. Some naturopaths recommend it be taken before and after any surgical procedure, including dental.

Since cancer cells are protected from the immune system’s white “killer” cells by a protein wall, any cancer treatment can be augmented by adding bromelain supplements. Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez uses his own type of proteolytic enzymes with his version of William Donald Kelley’s successful innovations for curing cancer with enzymes.

The enzymes used by Kelley and Gonzalez are super premium, used in great quantities, and expensive. They are the main thrust, a sort of natural chemo, for serious cancer cases. But bromelain protease supplements are very cheap, and can be used as a supportive adjunct with any other cancer treatment.

Another role bromelain plays with its tough proteolytic enzymes is breaking up clots that are beginning to form among blood platelets. This is good news for anyone dealing with cardiovascular problems. These are all functions one can expect from a tough protease enzyme.

Some research indicates bromelain is anti-viral and anti-bacterial. It can be used help heal bronchitis and pneumonia. German research has shown that bromelain oral supplements enhance the immune system. Other research indicates that cytokine hormones manufactured in white blood cells are boosted by bromelain as well.

Using Bromelain

Therapeutic bromelain doses range from 300 to 1500 mgs per day. One source recommends not exceeding 3000 mgs in one day. Dr. Richard Cohen recommends taking bromelain away from meals if it’s being used therapeutically. This frees up the enzymes from digesting foods to performing other healthy functions.

As with most things natural and depending on the health issue, this approach may take days, weeks or months of daily use to notice positive results. Be steady and patient.

Thank you to the author Paul Fassa, and to the original publisher

Posted Friday, September 27, 2013 at 11:15am EDT, Keywords: bromelain, cancer, Inflammation

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  1. great stuff. I don’t use bromelain in a supplement form, but I but eat a few pineapples every week as part of my diet. I find it help tremendously. The scar from my thyroid surgery was a bit inflamed for the first month after my operation but when I added pineapple to my diet the swelling went down within a few day, plus my digestion went back to normal. yay for bromelain 🙂

    • Thanks for your comment Kevin. Really interesting about how pineapple positively affected your scar. I feel less “swollen” generally when I’m eating pineapple regularly. Hope you don’t mind me asking but was your thyroid surgery for overactive/Graves? I am in remission from Graves, for the 3rd time. First diagnosed over 20 years ago. Graves changed my life, very much for the worse when I was ill, but absolutely for the better once I’d made lifestyle and attitude changes as self help.

      • My op was for papillary thyroid cancer. I’m told they got everything before it managed to spread, so that’s good, but now I’m minus a thyroid and on meds for life. Lifestyle changes are definitely the first line of treatment I’d recommend but in some cases there are few other options apart from surgical intervention. Check out Dr.David brownstein’s talks on iodine (youtube), very good info 😉

      • All sounding positive for you and your page is definitely upbeat and optimistic 🙂 I agree with you about options. Seldom is anything a clear cut either/or especially with health. Each situation is unique and you have to do what is right for you. Will check out Dr David Brownstein – thanks for the steer.

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