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Come up for air and write it down

January 4, 2014

Swirling thoughts

Does it feel sometimes like your brain is swimming in thoughts? Do you ever mentally set a goal then forget you did? Do you think fondly about a person or event but forget the details? Writing it down can help in all these situations, and it needn’t take long to do.

Writing your thoughts can help clarify what is important to you. Decisions are often easier to make if you can see your thinking, the pros and cons, the possible consequences and benefits, in front of you. Focus is easier to achieve if you pull some of your thoughts out into the physical environment by writing them down. Goals become more concrete when put in writing. And don’t forget the trusty to-do list or shopping list. I’d be far more disorganised and wasteful without them!

What you write can be kept and shared, or pinned on a wall as a memory aid. Or perhaps you just want to keep your thoughts private once you have written them – so shred the letter or note to self, toss it in the garbage or otherwise dispose of it. You will feel better for having put it in writing, lighter because you have removed some weight from your mind, clearer as you know the reason for your feelings and actions.

Putting your thoughts into writing is a communication with yourself – you may be the only person who ever reads it so it is only important that YOU understand what is written. Your spelling and grammar and style are not being tested here. They only matter when communicating ideas and facts to others. So pick up your pen, or start tapping on your keyboard, and write yourself a message. Putting it in writing is a quick and effective way to be more calm and feel more alive today and every day.


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