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Breathe out …… don’t hold it

January 7, 2014

Breathing is something we so often take for granted and because we don’t give it our attention, we can go for long periods without doing it properly. Our breath carries precious gasses in to our body that give us energy and life. Proper technique maximises this and also helps us to correctly remove the elements of this breath that we do not need, by fully exhaling.

Start the breath by breathing OUT. Yes, that seems counter-intuitive at first. However, if you have spent a long time breathing incorrectly, and are feeling anxious or stressed, your breathing has become shallow and does not remove all the old breath from your lungs. So let it out, breathe out first. When you can’t breathe out any more, let your lungs pull in fresh new air. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. Focus on the out breath each time, trying to empty your lungs before letting them naturally fill up again.

A good technique is to breathe out for a count of 6 and in for 3, out for 6, in for 3. You can count for other durations if you like – 4/2, 8/4 and so on. Each time you breathe out, do it a little slower than before. Complete around 7 or 8 breaths then stop. Breathe normally again. This is because you may feel a little dizzy if you are not used to breathing deeply in this way. If you do, it will fade very quickly within a minute to so. Best to stay seated and sip on a small glass of water while you relax.

Complete this cycle several times a day, it only takes a minute or so each time. Not only is it a great technique to use if you are anxious at all, through time you will help prevent stress and anxiety from building up. Give it a try, be calm and feel alive ………… and breathe.

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