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Get some perspective

January 9, 2014

It is the ubiquitous facet of 21st century life that we spend a significant portion of our days in closed spaces, almost immobile, focusing our attention and our vision into a small screen. As much as I feel I couldn’t do without the internet now, I sometimes go a full day barely lifting my head away from this tiny window into a virtual world. Yet our eyes need to be stimulated by varying distances, not just 2D colours and shapes. Our minds long to wander into new horizons and possibilities just around the corner, behind the mountain.

My tip for today is to take yourself into the hills when you can. Find a spot that’s free from confinement, where you can look into the distance and find no walls to stop your gaze and your imagination. A place where your world positively encourages you to throw back your shoulders and breathe in fresh clean air, where your companions are trees and birds and mountains so old they gave birth to the landscape before there was a human audience to survey them in awe and wonder.

Take to the hills. Free your eyes from their electronic boxes. Get some perspective!

Be Calm and Feel Alive!

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