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5 advantages to drinking water in the morning

January 12, 2014

There are many advantages to drinking more fresh, pure water. Today’s image lists just 5 of them. Convincing enough? Motivated to drink more? Most of us know it is good for us, and often resolve to drink more, but many of us get to the end of each day having had barely an extra drop!

Here’s a top tip to help you drink more than you do now – drink water in the mornings, first thing! It is easier to achieve a daily goal by completing it as early in the day as you can. That way, if and when you get caught up in the busy busy of work and family and to-do lists, you can relax knowing your have already achieved your goal for the day. When you fill the kettle for your morning cuppa, drink down part of a glass of water too. As you wait for kettle to boil, drink part of a glass. When you have brushed your teeth, drink some water. Punctuate your activities with some water and you will have reached your goal easily, even if you forget for the rest of the day.

Give it a try and let us know how it goes!

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