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Standing room only

January 14, 2014

Recent studies show that regularly sitting for extended periods of time can shorten your lifespan, even if you regularly exercise. After just an hour of sitting, the production of enzymes that burn fat in your body declines by as much as 90 percent. Extended sitting slows your body’s metabolism of glucose and decreases your HDL, which is the type of lipid you want MORE of, instead of less. This explains why those who sit habitually for extended periods of time have higher risk for type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular problems (from

The way to counteract this is by standing! Yes, simply standing up more often and for longer over the day is good for posture and overall health; and that’s got to help us be calm and feel more alive.


The tip is to link certain activities with standing that don’t require you to stay seated. If you are sorting through mail in the office, you may automatically do that seated at your desk, but it isn’t necessary. So stand up while you do it. If you are on a train you can choose to stay standing. If you are watching TV it is not necessary to stay seated when the ads come on… so stand up!

Be aware over the next few days of activities where you stay seated but don’t really need to. Then choose one and from then on, get up and stand up!

Good luck 🙂


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