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Teeny tiny steps

January 16, 2014

Goals are crucial at helping us visualise and move towards our chosen futures. Big goals set far off along the line can keep us dreaming and aspirational. However, if a goal is too big that we can’t reach it easily, it is unlikely we will reach it at all. Breaking down our goals into manageable steps allows us to move towards our overall aim and see steady progress as we go.

Small daily goals can be as small as we need them to be. Our achievement spurs us on and builds our belief that we can attain our longer term aims. The tip is to check your confidence of success level. When you set yourself a goal, ask yourself how confident you are from 1 to 10 in achieving that goal – be honest with yourself! If you answer anything less than 7 you are unlikely to achieve it. So set yourself a smaller goal. Shrink it down until you are highly confident of success, 8 plus. Too big a step may be a stumbling block. One small step is a step towards success, and your overall vision.

Give it a try!


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