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Time for tea

January 24, 2014
Tea Time
Tea Time (Photo credit: Maia C)

Another busy week nearly over, another calming top tip, perfect for the weekend. Wind down with some herbal tea. There is a wide range of herbal teas commonly available these days from local shops and supermarkets. Quite cheap too. Gone are the days when there were a couple of options only…. and they both tasted like grass! Now there’s fruity blends, heather tea, help for sleep, indigestion soothers, and chamomile with allsorts including honey, lemon, mint and much more.

Of course you can make your own simply too. Peppermint from your garden can be steeped in near boiling water for a few minutes and not only will you have a refreshing hot drink, your kitchen will smell amazing. Tea can be brewed with flowers, herbs, roots, even bark, but you don’t need to be too adventurous or risky, just use some well-known, easy to grow ingredients from your garden. And while you’re waiting, pop down to your local supermarket and get a box of teabags.

Happy tea-time!

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