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Increase your chances for remembering

January 29, 2014
I was reading this facebook page today and it is worth a look – some really good links in there. I’m also pleased to see that many of the tips they have listed are similar in nature to our current top tips! Here is a really nice practical tip that can be useful to all of us. Their number 16 becomes our top tip 28 🙂
Remember to remember.
People often realise too late that they have forgotten to do something that they had meant to do and setting an alarm or leaving a ‘post-it’ is not always practical. You can increase your chances of remembering what to do by thinking about where and when you’re going to do it. For example, you might think, “when I get home and sit down on the couch, I will pick up the phone and call my mother”.
Gollwitzer (1999)
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