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The Butterfly that Changes Your Life

June 8, 2014

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I started Be Calm Feel Alive because of my journey through Graves’ Disease.  Graves’ is an autoimmune condition that affects you physically, emotionally, psychologically and socially.  There are several key organs affected by the condition including eyes, shins, and predominantly the thyroid – the butterfly shaped organ situated in your neck that has so much impact on your life.

I was ill for several years before diagnosis and have relapsed and remitted several times since then.  However, I took control of my health through educating myself.  I can honestly say that I knew far more about the condition and its impacts and treatments than any of the endocrinologists and GPs I have seen.  I say that without arrogance, as they could all tell me far more about the ‘science’ of the condition as they had been taught.  But they all had a narrow view of what it the disease is, does, and how we can help ourselves.

My journey has been a rollercoaster of experience and I am now able and willing to tell it here at  Please register to receive updates and comment on posts and I hope my experience helps others with their journey.

Meanwhile, and what has prompted me to post this today, I have discovered an online event that I have registered for.  The Thyroid Summit features the top practitioners in the field with 32 presentations on various aspects of autoimmune conditions and thyroid health.  It took me years to discover even a fraction of this information!  You can register for the free event here (please note these are my affiliate links – I only get commission if you buy the summit and none for registering for it as it is a free event from 2-9 June – thanks!)

and you can buy the full summit to watch at your leisure, at the Special Summit Price of $67, that’s less than £42 in the UK, here

Hope to see you back here another day too!

Enjoy the presentations and educate yourself back to health! 





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