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Slight curl of steam

Today’s tip (number 24, can you believe it?) is so good in this cold January weather. ¬†I was a bit peckish earlier, and more than that, I was cold. I had the perfect solution to both problems…….. SOUP! A bowl of delicious, comforting, vegetable soup. I served it in a big mug with a slight curl of steam to help the delicious aroma pervade my senses all the more.

Yum, worked a treat. It satisfied my hunger, warmed me from the inside out, and I feel comforted and calm. Magic soup indeed.

Comfort food ought to leave you feeling healthy as well as hugged. At this time of year especially, don’t forget the soup ūüôā

This one is called Holiday Soup for the Soul and it comes from a great blog called Oh She Glows. Easy to make hearty recipes that provide a meal and a half for a proper culinary cuddle!!


Time for tea

Tea Time
Tea Time (Photo credit: Maia C)

Another busy week nearly over, another calming top tip, perfect for the weekend. Wind down with some herbal tea. There is a wide range of herbal teas commonly available these days from local shops and supermarkets. Quite cheap too. Gone are the days when there were a couple of options only…. and they both tasted like grass! Now there’s fruity blends, heather tea, help for sleep, indigestion soothers, and chamomile with allsorts including honey, lemon, mint and much more.

Of course you can make your own simply too. Peppermint from your garden can be steeped in near boiling water for a few minutes and not only will you have a refreshing hot drink, your kitchen will smell amazing. Tea can be brewed with flowers, herbs, roots, even bark, but you don’t need to be too adventurous or risky, just use some well-known, easy to grow ingredients from your garden. And while you’re waiting, pop down to your local supermarket and get a box of teabags.

Happy tea-time!

Better days

better days

‚ÄúThe first hour of the morning is crucial. How you spend it will determine your experience for the rest of your day.‚ÄĚ….
Top tip 22 comes from an interview with Louise Hay, taken from the¬†Cheryl Richardson blog. Be positive with the first few minutes after you wake and you will set your mood to good for the day. Wise words and well worth reading….


Positive reminder

Today’s Top Tip takes just a few minutes but is a powerful builder of self esteem, positive thinking and motivation. Take a sheet of paper and pen. Number the left hand of the page 1, 2, 3. Leave plenty of space for other numbers, perhaps up¬†to 20 depending on the size of paper. Write 3 things you have done well today. These can seem like tiny achievements. However as you write them and re-read them several times, you will start to feel a sense of confidence from them. Add another 3 every day. Read them all as you add to your list. Soon you will have a long list of achievements you really did achieve, goals you met, proof that you are capable of many things that you have taken for granted. Read this list often, add to it regularly, you will be amazed… and will feel great!


Make music matter

Hello again! Hope you are all well and making friends with 2014.

Today’s top tip is one close to my heart. Make music more of your life. Make it matter. Modern culture has almost constant noise as a key feature. This is nothing more than¬†an irritant, yet people will go to lengths to ensure they are not left with silence – you can hear your thoughts in silence, and a lot of us are terrified of that.

Music, however, can lift us spiritually, emotionally, mentally, socially, and I would say it can lift us physically also. Listening to music you are absorbed in and you enjoy, has a lyrical beat and uses natural sounds, can reduce blood pressure, calm breathing, neutralise unwanted thoughts, and bring a smile to your face ūüôā

Here is a link to one of my favourites, I hope you really enjoy it. Let us know if you do!

Yellow haze

English: Goldfinch (Carduelis carduelis), Crai...

Today’s top tip ¬†helps connect you with the outside world and breathe for a while away from any suffocating thoughts, people and habits. Take notice of the world around you. Check out the beauty of the natural world. You don’t need to spend a¬†day in the country, there is likely to be a whole world of activity outside your window in your garden. Even if you live in a flat there are probably birds to be seen nestling on opposite roofs or alighting on your window sill. And there are always local parks and patches of greenery. Guaranteed to make you feel more relaxed just by spending some time focusing on the details there.

Here’s a way to connect to nature and to thousands of your neighbours and those in other communities, all doing the same activity at the same time. The 2014 Big Garden Birdwatch takes place this coming weekend in the UK, and the Big Schools Birdwatch begins tomorrow 20th January. ¬†I decided to take part when I saw some beautiful little birds that I think were goldfinches balancing gracefully on some seed-laden weeds in my garden. When they fluttered they delighted with a yellow haze from their expanded wings. Lovely.

If you sign up for the birdwatch I’ll look forward to being part of something exciting right along with you.


Happy Saturday everyone! Top tip for today is a short one but crucial to your health and wellbeing: ALKALISE! So good for you, simple to do. Eating more greens is a great start.  This alone will help you begin to see a difference in your energy levels, your mood, sleep, and motivation to improve even further.


Eat a green salad with lunch and dinner

Take one green drink every day

Start your day with a green smoothie

Build up slowly using these tips and before you know it you will be more calm and feeling alive!

Death of democracy is confirmed as Cameron ignores the will of Parliament

Death of democracy is confirmed as Cameron ignores the will of Parliament.

Float away

Aaah, Friday night. The start of the weekend. Time to relax. This top tip is the classic tried and tested aromatherapy bath. Heat from the water helps open up your stressed out pores and lets the tensions of the day float away. Essential¬†oils are a powerhouse of natural chemicals that provide a range of benefits. Frankincense helps relax and slow your breathing, your muscles, your mind. No more racing thoughts. Envelop yourself in it’s deep aroma and drift away.¬†Buy online for convenience and to support a¬†home grown organic business…. and relax : )

So dat’s how to do it

Here’s another helpful top tip: ditch the diet soda and fizzy drinks. Pour a little happiness or a heap of trouble?! Diet fizzy drinks are loaded with ingredients that are not good for us – some are not healthy in that quantity e.g. drinks with lots of caffeine, and some are¬†downright dangerous in any quantity. There are now plenty of studies associating¬†aspartame¬†with unpleasant side effects and increased incidence of disease.

Here’s a tip that can help you transition from dangerous drinks to healthier choices. Swap for good old traditional soda water! It quenches your thirst, gives you the bubbly feeling in the back of your throat, and doesn’t contain a raft of unhealthy ingredients. Once you have broken your habit (yes, it can be really difficult to wean yourself off them), you can cut back on the soda water and replace with alkaline water, juices, herbal teas and so on. But meanwhile, crack open the soda water!